Inside GoCheck Kids' Webinar Automation Process

Bryan Loomis from GoCheck Kids shares his webinar automation workflow using Livestorm, Zapier, Salesforce and Autopilot.
November 30, 2017 • About 3 min. read

You never imagine how much a user can understand your product until you stumble upon what they managed to create. This is what happened when Bryan Loomis from GoCheck Kids showed me his webinar marketing automation process with Livestorm.

What is GoCheck Kids

But, first, let me tell you what is GoCheck Kids and what is their mission. GoCheck Kids is a software-based vision screener for pediatricians. They provide a photoscreening technology for children to detect vision disorders very early, even before they are old enough to run the eye chart test. The earlier you can detect those disorders the better you can fight the risk of permanent vision loss. Their mission is to screen 20 million children by 2020.

This photoscreening method already exists with big, bulky, very expensive devices but GoCheck Kids offers a much simpler, much cheaper method, but, just as accurate, using a simple smartphone app. The company's technology leverage the flash and the camera on your phone to detect the risk factors.

They are marketing mostly to pediatricians within big medical groups or children hospitals, as well as schools or smaller pediatric practices.

Webinar Strategy

In their marketing strategy, webinars fit perfectly into the last two categories of prospects: schools or smaller pediatric practices. It does not make sense financially to go after them with a sales approach — Remember this post about scaling your sales with webinars?

GoCheck Kids started initially doing product demonstration focused webinars with existing leads. But soon they realized they still needed to do a lot of education work, earlier in the funnel. So Bryan started to host webinars as lead acquisition tactic: 15 minutes around the photoscreening technology and then transition to a product demonstration.

The Webinar Marketing Automation Setup

In this interview, Bryan kindly shared his entire workflow for nurturing and retargeting their leads.

Webinar Automation Takeaways #1: Evergreen Zapier Registration Action

Registrations for the webinars are captured from external sources such as email campaigns pointing to forms (they use Formstack) or Facebook Lead Ads. To create new registrations in Livestorm, Bryan needed to hook it up using Zapier.

However, Zapier requires passing manually, in the Zap configuration, a session and a webinar for each new registrations. So if the webinar changes you have to update the Zap, each time.


For each new webinar published, Bryan fills a Google Sheet with 3 columns: the date (exactly as shown on Livestorm), the webinar ID, the session ID. This is the data Zapier will use the pull the data for which webinar the registration should go.

So, each time someone signs up for a webinar from a Formstack form, the data (including email, first name, last name, and the date of the webinar) is sent to Zapier. Zapier finds the Google Sheet row based on the date, and returns the webinar ID and the session ID associated.

Now, Bryan can automatically create a new registration in Livestorm without having to update his Zap.

Webinar Automation Takeaways #2: Leveraging Salesforce to Drive the Funnel

To keep track of each webinar lead in Salesforce, Bryan created a custom field called "webinar steps". Each step has information on how far in the funnel those leads are and what marketing or sales action is assigned to them.

For example, for the step "webinar sequence", they have been detected as potential webinar registrants and are included in en email campaign, trying to persuade them to signup for a webinar.

Depending on this webinar lead status (or step here), Bryan will trigger an Autopilot journey, send a notification to sales etc.

Webinar Automation Takeaways #3: Custom Notification Sequence

When someone registers for a webinar, Bryan pushes the data to Zapier to Salesforce and leverages Autopilot journeys to send a custom notification workflow. The workflow relies on Salesforce status to stay in sync.

To make sure they have a full control on this workflow they have disabled entirely the email notifications in Livestorm and use only their own sequences.

Webinar Automation Takeaways #4: Customized Retargeting Journeys

After a webinar ends, they use Zapier to filter only the participants and send them to an attendee sequence on Autopilot. Same goes for the non-attendees, they are taken to another specific sequence for them.

Attendees will receive a sequence of 4 emails, the exact same one, but each with a different title. The software is constantly tracking if the lead opens the email, and if not it tries a different title.

Eventually, if they open the emails and click on the video inside the email, their lead status will be updated in Salesforce to "Nurture" and enter a nurturing campaign.

Actually, we, here at Livestorm, do the exact same thing by leveraging Drip workflows and email campaigns. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in a description of our own process.

Also, depending on the quality of the lead (size and firmography), the actions taken can be different. Typically if an enterprise customer falls into this funnel, SDRs will handle the lead manually.


As you can tell, GoCheck Kids has a great product and an impressive marketing automation stack that integrates perfectly with their sales approach.

As Bryan put it:

What we love about Livestorm integration with Zapier is that it allows us to integrate with those fairly complex tools and workflows.

We are marketing automation geeks, and, specifically, Zapier geeks and we love when customers find amazing workflows to leverage webinars into their marketing strategy.

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