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Product Update: Recurring Events

If you host webinars on regular basis for your demo or training sessions, you are going to like this update.
November 13, 2017 • About 3 min. read

It has been indeed a long time since our last product update blog post. Obviously, we kept on releasing smaller updates but we decided to keep those blog posts for the really big changes (for the rest, we have been using Headway in our app, with great success).

If you host webinars on regular basis for your demo or training sessions, you are going to like this update.

Today, we're thrilled to announce that we have finally released the Recurring Events in Livestorm.

Remember when you had to duplicate your webinar over and over? When you had to send a different link every time? Well, this is over.

Now, you can have one landing page, one URL, for the same recurring webinar with multiple sessions in it.

Need an example? Take a look at our page. Now you can go to our Livestorm weekly demo webinar and pick whatever session date available.

Adding sessions to your recurring event is super easy, go to your webinar settings and start adding sessions:

The company page can also highlight the recurring events and shows the number of available sessions in it.

Why did you take so long?

We have learned the hard way that technical debt can really slow you down. We have made bad choices at the beginning and adding this feature forced us to rebuilt almost entirely our app. Consider this release a V2 of Livestorm.

Also, to be 100% transparent, we experienced great changes company wise. We raised funds with awesome investors, hired amazing talents, experienced hyper-growth, and got new offices (come say hi and send a postcard)!

We had to rethink entirely how we worked, we are now more process-oriented, more effective, more structured on many levels. It takes a few steps back to jump even further. So, finger-crossed, we're on the right path to deliver an even better product.

Webinar Room UX

Recurring events mean having the possibility to switch between sessions from your webinar room. In a click you can switch from your next upcoming session to the one in 2 weeks for example.

We took this opportunity to redesign our webinar room a little bit and add a top bar with more information for the presenter.

Zapier Update

We also redesigned parts of our Zapier integration to fit the new recurring events. You can now create new registrations with the custom fields that you added in your webinar form.

For example, if you ask, during the registration process, "Are you a customer?" we will pull that field in Zapier. Therefore, if you have your own landing page you will still be able to push that custom data inside Livestorm.

Important: If you have a Livestorm-Zapier integration please update your Zaps now.

Anything else?

This update, as stated above, is mostly a V2. So it also comes with a lot of bug fixes, improvements and some minor features.

New languages

We had so many translation requests in the last month, and thanks to our amazing customers, we got some help to translate the landing pages, emails and webinar rooms in 5 new languages: Korean, Danish, Russian, Portuguese and Polish.


This update comes with a lot of connectivity fixes. We have removed important bottlenecks that occurred during very large webinars.

SEPA & bank transfers

Our billing system got a facelift as well. We now support bank transfers for EU customers who simply cannot pay with a credit card.


You can now export directly your attendees data in CSV, XLS (Excel format) and ODS (Open Office format).

Mute Notifications

Large or very engaging webinars often have a lot of new messages, questions, polls resulting in a lot of notification sounds. To enable you to really focus on your presentation you can mute the notification sounds in the webinar room.

Partner Programs

Finally, our most recent non-product update is our new partner programs. The different programs enable you to get discounts and even a free account on Livestorm.

Here is the list of the different programs we offer:

  • Incubator/Accelerator: a negotiated discount for all your startups.
  • Referral program: get a coupon code you can share to get a discount when you bring a new customer.
  • Co-marketing partner: depending on the kind of marketing partnership we can establish you can get a free Livestorm account.
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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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