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SaaSCast Ep.2 - Growth Talk (feat. Segment)
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SaaSCast Ep.2 - Growth Talk (feat. Segment)

In this episode, we talked about growth and conversion optimization tactics with Guillaume Cabane the VP Growth at Segment.

This week on SaaSCast episode 2 we had the pleasure to host Guillaume Cabane, ex-Apple, former CMO at Mention and current VP Growth at Segment.

We had a great talk about growth, and more specifically about conversion improvement tactics using APIs like Clearbit.

In this post you will find three things:

Note, those replays are in french. Sorry english speaking users, but don’t worry I gathered some of the key learnings of this talk and compiled them in a Slideshare (which is embedded at the bottom of this post).

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Gilles Bertaux
Gilles Bertaux

Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm