New and Improved HubSpot Integration and Resources Library
Product updates

New and Improved HubSpot Integration and Resources Library

In this month's update, we cover our improved HubSpot integration, share our brand-new resources library, and keep looking for new teammates. Read the full article for more!

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and Livestorm is launching new spring updates! This month we improved our HubSpot integration, created a brand-new resources library, and continued our search for new teammates. Here’s what’s new at Livestorm:

Product updates

Among this month’s batch of updates, you’ll find a new password policy, team member polls, manual registration, and more!

Announcing our new and improved HubSpot integration

Our newly improved HubSpot integration will make tracking your registrants and attendees a lot easier. Now you'll be able to get an overview of who's registered and joined your events, as well as a better understanding of engagement levels during live events.

You can use this data to create lists and reports or automate workflows for all your marketing and sales needs! For a detailed guide on connecting HubSpot and Livestorm, check out this article from our help library.

Stronger password policy

We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating a strong password. Our new policy will bring you greater protection and peace of mind. We’ve updated our policy to bring the best security standards to Livestorm.

Engage your audience with Emoji Reactions

Engage your audiences with our new emoji reactions! This update brings a new level of interaction to your events. Attendees can select from several emojis to express their reactions during your presentation.

emoji reaction effect

Updated warnings when starting or ending an event

We have noticed that hosts were starting or ending events prematurely by unintentionally clicking on "Start Event" or "End Event" after joining the stage. To resolve this, we've updated the message in the warning window. Now, when starting or ending an event earlier than expected, you will be prompted with a checkbox to confirm your choice.

Your team members can now answer polls

We have unlocked the ability for team members to answer polls in your internal events, or go straight to viewing the poll results without submitting a vote during your external events! This makes your events more engaging for your team members.


Register people manually to your events

You may now manually register people to the event without having to share your registration page. This works best for adding small groups of people or for adding someone last minute who was unable to register.

This feature is available for all of your events, and is accessible via the Share event modal we released a month ago!

Resources Library

Livestorm is hard at work publishing resources to make your events, webinars or meetings a success. You can find all of them in our brand new resources library, which we will be updating with new content. Browse through topics like how to promote, or repurpose your event. Check back often to find new resources!

We’re hiring!

That’s right, folks – we’re still hiring! We’re looking for qualified candidates anywhere in the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt has been a Content Manager at Livestom since 2019. She has more than five years of experience in SaaS content writing and B2B marketing.