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Product updates

January Updates: Countdown to start, Livestorm Offsite

Breaking news from January
February 4, 2020 • About 2 min. read

The first month of 2020 passed by in a flash. In Janauary we held our company offsite, plus added a bunch of new hires! Here's the roundup:

Product updates 🚀

We started 2020 with one of our coolest updates yet! Plus, we gave a little gift to our Livestorm Meet users.

Countdown to Start

We’ve smoothed the process of going on stage by adding a new feature to the app. Now, before you go live a countdown will appear. This will give you and your team a few seconds to compose yourselves. We like using this time to let our teammates know the webinar is starting, and to practice our smiles.😁

Moderator role for Meet

Team members who could not previously access Meet have a new role called “Moderator.”

Moderators can:

👉Access the Livestorm Meet dashboard (but they won’t be able to create or edit meeting rooms)

💼Join your meeting rooms

This free upgrade will help your team take a more active role in your meetings!

Livestorm news 🗞️

Here’s a peek inside what's happening at Livestorm.

Livestorm X Front Webinar

In January we teamed up with the folks at Front for a webinar on building customer education webinar programs. If you missed out on it, don’t fret! We took our own advice and turned the recording into a blog post.😎

Livestorm goes skiing

This month we held a week-long offsite in Gérardmer, a ski resort in Les Vosges, France. We spent our time hitting the ski slopes, eating copious amounts of cheese, and talking about the 2020 road map. Plus, everyone on the team got to help out on the Livestorm support chat.🤩

As a remote-friendly team, it was pretty cool to reconnect with some of our stormies in person. You can find more highlights from our trip on our team instagram.


Brace yourselves! The new year came with a wave of hires.

The people operations team gained a star player with Laure, who hit the ground running at the offsite. When she isn’t navigating large groups of people through snowy lands, she likes traveling.

Ugo, new to the product design team, has a passion for soccer and stand up comedy. We’re looking forward to hearing his favorite jokes.😜

The marketing team got a big boost with the addition of Yohan and Benoit. Yohan, our newest growth engineer, is a proud fan of tennis and soccer. And Benoit, our growth manager, collects records, does his own beat making and sampling, and is currently building his own wine cellar!

Rounding up the January hires is Jamal, our new senior QA engineer. Jamal likes manga, video games, rugby and judo.

Want to join our team? We’re looking for an international head of sales.🌎 You can apply for that post right here.

Scheduled Meetings beta

Registration for the Scheduled Meetings beta is open! If you want to test it out, you can sign up here.

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Molly Hocutt
Content Manager

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