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Like we do each month, let's take a look at what's new on Livestorm in July.

Product updates 🛠

We've been working hard on making our platform more accessible and performant.

Safari WebRTC support

It has always been the top priority for us to provide our customers with a solution that can be accessed through any setup. That was our initial starting point when we built a 100% browser-based solution.

1565282500 webinar

Having said that, some browsers like Safari were still not fully compatible with our technology. For these types of browsers, we have an in-built compatibility mode so that users would still be able to access our webinar rooms while using them. However the compatibility mode comes with certain limitations like not begin able to go on stage, start a webinar or join the meeting room on Livestorm Meet.

That's no longer the case for Safari. You can use Safari to hold your webinars and meetings on Livestorm 🎉

1565281559 meet

The compatibility mode will no longer apply to Safari desktop versions 12.1 and up, as our streaming technology is now supported by Safari natively. The streaming will be real-time, so there won't be any 10-second delays.

Bear in mind, that Safari does not support screen sharing. So you won't be able to screen share due to browser limitations.

For versions older than 12.1, our classic compatibility mode will still work. Feel free to check out our technical requirements for more information.

New language: Greek 🇬🇷

We've added a new language to our platform: Greek! Setting it up is pretty easy, just go to Webinar settings > General > Language and select if from the dropdown menu.

When you set your language, we will translate the webinar room, landing page, and all webinar emails. Your company page will also be translated according to the language of your visitor's browser.

With this new addition, Livestorm is now available in 21 languages 🌎 We strive to make Livestorm as accessible as possible, so we're always open to adding more languages on-demand!

Performance updates ⚡️

July has been a month of heavy development, bug fixes and updates invisible to the eye.

Your Livestorm dashboard, webinar and participant lists are now faster and better optimized. We hope this will give you a better experience while navigating our platform.

Livestorm news 🗞


We're hiring in marketing, tech, sales,...and more! We're looking for teammates who'll share our passion for changing the future of video communications. If you'd like to know more, you may access all our open positions on our career page.

Coming up next 🔮

Custom emails: We'll roll out the new version of Livestorm emails very soon. It has been one of the most requested features out there, so our team has been working on this non-stop. With the new version, you'll be able to add additional webinar emails and configure custom delivery times. You'll also be able to customize and style the email template with HTML.

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