Product updates

Private Chat for Teams and New Zapier Integration

This month we created a private chat to make it easier for you to collaborate with team members. Plus, we released a new and improved Zapier integration.
April 1, 2021 • About 1 min. read

Product updates

In March, we released a much-anticipated internal chat feature and improved our Zapier integration. Here’s the latest:

Private chat for team members and guest speakers

Moderators can now communicate privately during online events! All team members and guest speakers can communicate behind the scenes in a separate chat from the audience.

The new tab in the chat window allows you to switch between “Everyone” or “Moderators”. To make sure that you don’t confuse the two, you’ll notice a difference in the background color.

New Zapier integration

We’ve launched the new version of our Zapier integration! Our Zapier integration has been around for a while, but this fresh update gives your greater control and streamlines your processes more than ever.

You can read our dedicated article about our Zapier v2 integration and our migration guide to help you switch from the v1 connector to the v2.

Unifying Livestorm Webinar and Meet into one plan

Our Meet and Webinar plans are now unified into one Livestorm plan. This makes it so that every Livestorm customer can benefit from great features and capabilities, regardless of their plan. Plus, it makes way for even more video use-cases to come!

1080p for uploaded videos and recordings

A highly-requested improvement went live in March, making your uploaded videos and recordings more clear! Previously in the room, any video you uploaded or recording was played at 720p max. Now, any new uploaded videos and recordings 1080p and above will be played in 1080p if the viewer has enough bandwidth.


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