Virtual Backgrounds and 12 Simultaneous Speakers
Product updates

Virtual Backgrounds and 12 Simultaneous Speakers

This month we released a much-requested feature, made it possible for twelve simultaneous speakers, and released UX improvements.

We’re getting ready for summer with two new updates and a host of great events on the way. Here’s the full update:

Product updates

In May we released a much-requested feature that will make your events more engaging. Plus, we made a big improvement to the app to add more speakers to your events.

Blurred and virtual backgrounds

It is now possible to blur your background or use a virtual background while streaming. This will keep your attendees' focus on you (and only you)! Whether it's clutter, household members, or busy co-working spaces, what's behind you will finally be hidden from prying eyes. You can find more information on blurred and virtual backgrounds here.

virtual backgrounds

12 simultaneous speakers

We have increased the number of people that can speak simultaneously during events from 9 to 12! This will be useful whether you're hosting a panel discussion that calls for more speakers, or an internal presentation that requires multiple teammates. Read the full update to learn how to modify your event’s speaking permissions.


Private chat

Moderators can now communicate privately during online events. All team members and guest speakers can communicate behind the scenes in a separate chat from the audience.

New UX updates

We've released a bunch of updates to improve your experience in the app!

  1. The "Join stage" button has been renamed to "Participate" to help accommodate wider use cases.
  2. The "Start event" (and "End event") button can now be found at the top right-hand corner of your event room.
  3. You will now find a drop-down arrow on your mic and camera buttons. If you have external mics or cameras, this will allow you to switch between devices without needing to go into your settings.

Read more details on these changes here.

Upcoming events

Disrupt 2021: Marketing & Business Strategies for Unpredictable Times

Livestorm will join industry experts in business and marketing in this webinar series. Learn some practical tactics to guide your business through the unique times of 2021 as the “new normal” emerges.

The Disrupt 2021 webinar goes live from June 21-23 and will be streaming on-demand content all week. Sign up here!

Inbound Marketing France

Our CEO Gilles Bertaux will be speaking in a master class on the topic of the future of video communication. The event will consist of 60+ speakers and 30 conferences and masterclasses from June 21st to June 25th with special guest Seth Godin.

This event will be hosted in French. Book your spot now with promo code LIVESTORM-IMF21.

Engaging Your Audience with Social Media Before, During, and After Your Online Event

We’ve teamed up with Mention to write our latest Ebook: Engaging Your Audience with Social Media Before, During, and After Your Online Event. This book breaks down everything you need to know to keep your audience engaged on social media, and during your events. Download your free copy and learn how to implement social media into your event strategy.

If you want to check out more great content, read our Ebook on building online meetings and workshops! You can find all of our latest content in our Content Library.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for qualified candidates anywhere in the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt has been a Content Manager at Livestom since 2019. She has more than five years of experience in SaaS content writing and B2B marketing.