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2017 is almost over, we still cannot believe that Livestorm is already one year old (more if you count the beta!). So much has happened in the past few months: we doubled up the team, we went from squatting our CTO's apartment to renting actual offices, but, more importantly, we managed to onboard awesome customers (you!).

We started on a high, we could ship really fast and not worry about breaking an ongoing live webinar, hence the number of features we managed to deliver in the first 6 months of 2017:

  • Privacy settings
  • Media upload
  • Integrations: Zapier V2
  • Company page
  • Integrations: Hubspot / Pipedrive V2

During that last summer, we faced what all startups face when they start hiring and get a double-digit growth each month: we had to rebuild our way of working entirely.

It took us almost a quarter but I believe we're now on the right tracks. We managed to ship the Recurring Events, put in place new processes to ensure our scalability and rethink our roadmap.

December release notes

This last month has been one of the most productive. We launched several side projects that you will hear about very soon and shipped new exciting features.

Duplicate polls

Before, you had to re-create the same polls over and over again which was a complete waste of time and energy. Now you can reuse polls from previous sessions and webinars. This will help you have a more coherent approach to your polls' data.

Also, the polls answers are now grouped on your webinar dashboard without having to filter with a session. Meaning, you will enable to see all answers to polls accross all sessions for a given webinar.

By the way if you are wondering what polls to start with for your webinars you can check this post: Polls and Surveys You Should be Using for Your Webinars.

Email variables

Many of you have asked about this one. We believe that having a custom user experience from A to Z and pushing the attendees' attributes inside our automated emails was the next logical step.

This feature uses the Liquid template language, which enables you to manipulate your data and send just the right message to the right person by using variables. We'll add more and more variables down the road.

Edit question answers

Everybody makes mistakes. Until now, when you answered a question in the webinar room and made a mistake, there was no going back. Now, you can edit that answer.

What are we cooking?

Huge changes are coming for early 2018. Some features that you have been asking about for a very long time are already in development and will be released in beta, and we plan on launching others that you probably don't expect.

Of course reliability and user experience stay our top priorities and we will continue optimizing Livestorm.

As 2017 was our go-to-market year, in 2018, we will build our vision for Livestorm.

If you have a premium Livestorm account and are interested in testing those features, ping us in Intercom and we'll add you to our beta users.

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