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This week we have hosted the very first live session of SaaSCast. SaaSCast is a live discussion between me and an expert from another startup in which we discuss SaaS problematics.

The format is pretty short, no more than 30 minutes and we try be as actionable as possible. Also, we try not to share any screen in order to keep the conversion alive.

For this first episode, I had the pleasure to have Gilles Samoun, serial entrepreneur and currently CEO of Salesmachine.

For this first session, we talked about Customer Success and how Salesmachine could help tackle churn and on boarding problems.

In this post you will find three things:

Note, those replays are in french. Sorry english speaking users, but don’t worry I gathered some of the key learnings of this talk and compiled them in a Slideshare (embed at the bottom of this post).

SaaSCast #1 - English Transcription on SlideShare

Livestorm SaaSCast - Churn & Customer Success - Gilles Samoun (Salesmachine) from Livestorm

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