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Guess Who?

Guess who is all about guessing which quirky fact or personal story matches up with whom.


"I've never eaten pizza."



"I once backpacked across Europe with no more than $500."



"I can speak three languages fluently."



"I've met a world-famous celebrity."



"I have a black belt in karate."


What is Guess Who?

Guess Who? spices up regular team meetings, making them way more fun and interactive. It's all about guessing which quirky fact or personal story matches up with whom, transforming the usual team vibe into an exciting mix of guessing games and team bonding.

Objective: The aim of Guess Who? is all about getting to know your coworkers better. You'll guess anonymous fun facts or personal bits about each other. It's a cool way to uncover hidden sides of everyone's personalities while keeping things light and respectful.

Guess Who Rules

  1. Before the game kicks off, everyone sends a fun fact about themselves to the moderator in a private message.
  2. When the game starts, the moderator drops one anonymous fact at a time, keeping it a secret who it's about.
  3. Everyone takes a shot at guessing who the fact might be about, sharing their thoughts on why.
  4. The person the fact is about steps forward after someone guesses right, or after a few wrong guesses.
  5. Keep the game rolling until all the facts are out in the open or you run out of time.
guess who

Guess Who Examples

  • "I've never eaten pizza."
  • "I once backpacked across Europe with no more than $500."
  • "I can speak three languages fluently."
  • "I've met a world-famous celebrity."
  • "I have a black belt in karate."

How to play Guess Who on Livestorm

Get the best out of Livestorm by using private chat to drop those facts before the game kicks off. Fire up live polls to let the group vote on who they think each fact is about, spicing things up with a competitive twist. Got a big group? Split into breakout rooms to keep the chats cozy and the guesses flowing.

guest speaking and using hand gestures in a virtual conference while they give their presentation/talk

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