Silly Ice Breaker Games & Activities

Inject laughter and levity into any work event with these silly ice breaker games. Break the ice and bond with hilarious and memorable activities.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

Ice Breaker Questions

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What are the best silly ice breaker games?

The best silly ice breaker activities are games you can play quickly without much deep thinking. Most of these activities encourage participants to do or say the first thing that comes to mind.

Try these silly ice breakers with your team:

  • Fun Facts: Ask everyone to share a random fact about themselves before the event or meeting. Reveal the facts to the group and have them guess who wrote each one.
  • This or That: Give everyone two options and prompt them to choose one. Use Livestorm’s virtual poll feature to collect and share responses quickly.
  • Photo Ops: Have everyone respond to the same prompt with a silly face. Then, capture the hilarity by taking a screenshot of your Livestorm session.

When should you host silly ice breaker activities?

Opt for silly ice breaker activities when the main goal is having fun. At the very least, these fun virtual event ideas should lighten the mood and make participants laugh.

Silly games can also break down communication barriers and get participants to talk to each other. That’s why they’re so helpful for virtual team building and encouraging everyone to feel more connected.

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