Fun Ice Breaker Games & Activities

Energize any work event with these entertaining ice breaker games. From meetings to team building events, encourage camaraderie with these activities.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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What are fun ice breakers?

Fun ice breaker activities lighten the mood during online meetings and video conferences. On a basic level, they get people to talk and work together. On a deeper level, they reinforce virtual team building activities and brainstorming meetings.

When fun is the goal, avoid overly serious questions. Instead, focus on lighthearted activities that are more likely to make team members laugh and feel more connected.

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What are 3 fun ice breaker games?

Kick off your event and create an inclusive space with ice breaker games like:

  1. One Word: Have participants sum up a mood or a goal in one word. This game reveals how the rest of the team is doing and what’s on their minds.
  2. Guess Who: Get each person to share one thing about themselves before the event. Then, have everyone else guess who provided each clue. They’ll learn about each other in the process.
  3. Four Quadrants: Have everyone draw or sketch their responses to four prompts. Then encourage team members to share and discuss their responses.

What’s a fun 15-minute ice breaker activity?

If you want to host a longer ice breaker activity, try a fun virtual event idea like Personality Bingo. Create custom bingo cards with statements or characteristics on each square and distribute to your team.

When someone gets bingo, stop to discuss the boxes they checked. When you host virtual meetings with Livestorm, participants can raise their hands and request to speak.

This game is great for getting to know team members on a personal level. It’s a fun opportunity to celebrate your team’s strengths and traits beyond what they normally share at work.

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