Ice Breaker Games & Activities for Large Groups

Discover the best ice breaker games for large groups at work. Plan fun, engaging activities to encourage team bonding and networking.

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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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What are some good large group ice breaker games?

Whether you’re hosting an all-hands meeting or you’re planning a virtual conference, ice breakers can build team spirit and allow attendees to get to know each other. Break the ice with these games for large groups:

  1. Two Truths and a Lie: Have the group guess the false statement.
  2. Office Trivia: Put your corporate culture and company history to the test.
  3. Show and Tell: Share pictures on a specific theme to connect on a personal level.
  4. Never Have I Ever: Discover the most adventurous attendees and swap stories.
  5. This or That: Learn about group members and discover what you have in common.
  6. Poll Questions: Ask a few multiple choice questions to gauge preferences quickly.
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How do you break the ice with a big group?

Getting a big group to interact may seem challenging. But with the right approach, it can lead to great opportunities for virtual team building. Use this simple guide to run engaging ice breaker sessions for larger groups:

  1. Pick Activities Everyone Can Join

Choose activities that all participants can take part in, no matter their department or role. Pick games that are appropriate for the setting. For example, fun games are great for lighthearted events, but serious activities may be better for boosting teamwork.

  1. Split Into Smaller Groups

For big teams, start by dividing everyone into smaller groups. This way, you encourage closer interactions and ensure everyone gets a chance to speak up. Later on, these smaller group activities can merge into a larger discussion, where everyone has a shared mission.

  1. Use Tech Wisely

Choose the right technology to run ice breaker activities smoothly. With a video engagement platform like Livestorm, you can divide large groups into smaller breakout rooms. There, you can use built-in tools to run polls, ask questions, and chat in real time.

  1. Encourage Open Communication

Encourage open communication and mutual respect during ice breaker activities. Urge participants to engage in active listening. Prompt them to work together to create a supportive atmosphere and that contributes to team building.

  1. Wrap Up and Reflect

After each smaller group wraps up, have everyone leave their breakout rooms and rejoin the main event room. End the session with a group chat and share experiences. This reinforces the collaborative nature of the activity and shows the value of teamwork.