Ice Breaker Games & Activities for Small Groups

Discover fun and engaging ice breaker games perfect for small group settings. Foster connections and energize work events with these activities.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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What makes ice breaker games for small groups successful?

Whether your group is meeting for the first time or you’ve worked together for months (or years) ice breakers help team members get to know each other on a more personal level.

Because these activities get participants to open up and interact with each other, they set the stage for collaboration. They’re great for virtual team building and creating stronger bonds.

So, why do ice breaker activities work so well with smaller groups?

  • Meaningful Connections: Small groups make it easier for everyone's voice to be heard and valued. This promotes more personal connections, which are essential for establishing trust.
  • Higher Participation: Small teams can easily adapt ice breakers to different personalities and comfort levels. Since everyone feels included, participants are more likely to participate and collaborate with one another.
  • Team Objectives: Group leaders can organize ice breakers around team goals. As a result, these activities can be fun and engaging while boosting professional growth and team performance.
Virtual scavenger hunt for ice breakers for meetings at work.

What are some good small group ice breaker games?

Are you planning a stand-up meeting or hosting a series of virtual workshops? Get small groups to open up and learn more about each other with these fun activities:

  1. Would You Rather: Learn team members’ preferences via quick questions.
  2. One Word: Get your team to work together by selecting a single word for a prompt.
  3. Charades: Use virtual backgrounds to play virtually.

When you use a video engagement platform like Livestorm, you can host ice breaker games for small groups or larger teams. Break out into huddle rooms, where you can run polls, ask for emoji reactions, or use live chat to engage your team.