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Time Capsule

The aim of Time Capsule is to spark introspection and team bonding by preserving memories and dreams.


A lesson learned this year.



A goal for the next five years.



A fun memory with the team.



An innovation you'd like to see in your field.



A habit or skill you're working on.


What is Time Capsule games

Dive into a cool game where players craft a virtual time capsule to look back on past experiences, future dreams, or current joys.

Time Capsule Rules

  1. Each player gets a chat prompt to create a virtual item that represents the prompt for the "time capsule."
  2. Players get three minutes to think, then use the whiteboard to sketch their item or idea.
  3. After everyone shares, the team uses emojis to react to each entry.
  4. Players can explain their drawings and the stories behind them, adding a storytelling moment.
  5. Finally, the group decides if they want to open the virtual time capsule at a future meeting, scheduling a date to do so.

Time Capsule Examples

  • A lesson learned this year.
  • A goal for the next five years.
  • A fun memory with the team.
  • An innovation you'd like to see in your field.
  • A habit or skill you're working on.

How to Play Time Capsule on Livestorm

  1. Use the whiteboard to draw your time capsule item.
  2. Use breakout rooms for smaller group discussions if preferred.
  3. Share your item or idea in the chat for those who prefer not to draw.
  4. Use emoji reactions to show support and feedback.
  5. Create a poll to decide when to "reopen" the time capsule.
Livestorm training presentation showing how to share an interactive whiteboard from Miro
Emoji reactions

Try the emoji reactions feature in Livestorm

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