Ice Breaker Games & Activities for Events

Elevate any work event with these dynamic ice breaker games. From conferences to networking events, spark connections with these engaging activities.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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How to run an ice breaker game during an event

Welcome participants to conferences, webinars, workshops, and other virtual events by hosting engaging ice breakers. 

These activities are ideal for facilitating communication, sparking conversations, and helping participants network with each other.

To host successful ice breakers:

  1. First get clear on the goal. For example, are you playing to solve a problem, allow networking, or lighten the mood?
  2. Get familiar with the rules and the technology. For online events, you’ll need a video engagement platform. With Livestorm, you can set up polls, request emoji reactions, and chat with participants in real time.
    No matter which game you choose, make engagement your main goal. You can achieve it by adjusting the game as necessary to encourage wider participation.
  3. Check your engagement analytics and reflect on the event with colleagues. Use your insights to make the next event (including the ice breakers) even more successful.
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How to choose engaging ice breaker games for events

So, how do you pick the right game for your virtual workshop or online conference? Any activity you choose should focus on fun. Ask thought-provoking questions that get people excited to participate.

Avoid repeating the same activities at every virtual event. Instead, improve video engagement and keep people interested by testing new games at each event.

Whenever possible, align the theme of the game with the event agenda. This way, you’ll get people thinking creatively about the topic at hand.

What are the best ice breaker games for events?

The best ice breaker games get participants to talk and encourage them to make valuable professional connections. Use these games to break the ice before or during events:

  1. Two Truths and a Lie: Prompt each person to share two facts and one false statement about themselves. Then, encourage everyone else to guess the lie. Since this game often sparks conversations, leave plenty of time for discussion.
  2. Speed Networking: Give participants a chance to connect with others quickly via brief chats in breakout rooms. This activity is ideal for events with attendees from various departments or organizations.
  3. Photo Scavenger Hunt: Provide a visual prompt. Then, have everyone search their smartphones for a relevant photo. Divide participants into teams to encourage people to work together and celebrate wins.
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