Long Ice Breaker Games & Activities

Use long ice breaker games to spark deeper conversations. Foster lasting connections and engage participants in immersive activities.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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What’s the best long ice breaker game?

The best long ice breaker games are activities that you can easily draw out to last longer (more than 15 minutes) or that you can expand to include larger groups. Here are some of the best options for long ice breaker activities: 

  • Neverending Story: This game is a much longer version of One Word at a Time. But instead of building a sentence, your team builds an entire story. Ask each person to add a sentence and ultimately create a story on a specific theme. Have the meeting facilitator share their screen via Livestorm and transcribe the story in real time.
  • Never Have I Ever: Go around and have each participant state an activity or goal they’ve never done or completed. Each person who has done the activity must raise their hand or react with an emoji. Technically, this game can also be relatively quick. To make it longer, play 10 or 15 rounds—or even longer.
  • Speed Networking: Give everyone in at the virtual event a chance to connect with each other. Create several breakout rooms and have participants join them in small groups. Give them short prompts to spark conversations, discover things in common, and get to know each other on a professional level.
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When is the ideal time to host long ice breaker games?

When you only have a few minutes to work with, quick ice breakers are a good choice. But long ice breaker games are a better fit when you need to:

  • Host a large virtual event and give a lot of team members ample time to participate.
  • Allow a large number of people to meet each other and make connections.
  • Create a space for deeper exchanges and more impactful virtual team building.