Ice Breaker Games & Activities for Meetings

Transform meetings into memorable experiences with these ice breaker games. Foster collaboration, boost morale, and create lasting connections.

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Ice Breaker Games & Activities


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Discover 50 ice breakers questions and games that will make your meetings engaging.

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Why should you host ice breaker games during meetings?

Ice breaker activities can make any virtual meeting more engaging. They’re ideal for all-hands meetings for your entire organization, standup meetings for your department, and brainstorming meetings for your team.

No matter the size or nature of the meeting, ice breakers promote open communication and encourage collaboration between employees. They also create a sense of team spirit and allow your organization to cultivate a positive company culture.

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Why are ice breaker games good for teams?

Including ice breaker games in meetings does more than just break the ice. These activities can also:

  • Break down barriers between team members at different seniority levels and get everyone talking.
  • Spark creativity and get everyone to think outside the box, which is great for brainstorming.
  • Create a sense of camaraderie among team members so everyone works together more smoothly.
  • Guide team members toward a specific goal and encourage them to achieve something together.

How long should a meeting ice breaker last?

A good ice breaker typically lasts for 5 to 15 minutes. The idea is to get everyone engaged without taking valuable time away from the meeting itself.

When time is short, choose quick activities to get everyone thinking creatively. Encourage virtual collaboration and make the biggest impact in the smallest amount of time.

If your group is too large for everyone to participate efficiently, divide participants into breakout rooms. This way everyone can have a say before diving into the meeting agenda.

With an online meeting tool like Livestorm, you can set up breakout rooms, host polls, and chat in real time. When you create an inclusive atmosphere, you can build a stronger, more engaged team.

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