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Webinar tips and tricks

How to Create a Webinar: Preparation Framework

This is the second opus of our "how to create a webinar" series. This time, we will cover the preparation steps. What does preparing for a webinar mean? What are the goals you want to achieve and what actions can you take to get there with your webinars?
July 18, 2016 • About 2 min. read

1. Define your webinar success metrics

First, get your business objectives right.

Define your goals. What do you expect from this webinar? This will help you define the kind of presentation you want to give.

It will drive the content creation process and the tool you want to use.

Webinars are great for many purposes and not only lead generation. You could narrow it down to 3 main use cases:

  • Lead generation webinar
  • Inbound webinar (content on your expertise)
  • Onboarding webinar (customers activation/retention webinars)

How are you going to measure the success of your webinar? And no, registrants/attendees is not a good metric.

Again, be specific. You want something from this event. Otherwise, you would not spend so much time on this. Find actionable metrics. Here are a few examples:

  • Signups
  • Shares / Visibility / Referrals
  • Upgrades
  • Promocode activation
  • Registrations to an event
  • Free trial extension

2. Define your webinar headline

This will be the first attribution factor of conversion during the registration process.

Great headlines make people want to hear what you have to say. Great webinar headlines are great for conversion.

  • Specificity: Is it specific enough to be addressed in 30/45 minutes max?
  • Clarity: Is it clear enough for everyone? Can a rookie attend your webinar and get something out of it?
  • Value: According to this headline, will I get any value from this webinar?

3. Guest & Co-host

Depends on your use case. But most of the time, you should have guests:

  • For legitimacy (if the guest is a happy customer)
  • For expertise (if the guest is a well-known expert on the topic)
  • Everything becomes more dynamic. It pushes toward focus and interactions with your audience
  • Even if it's a team member, it will add value to the conversation

Two guests max. Having more than 2 guests will have negative effects on the webinar such as:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Potential digressions
  • The audience becomes inactive, passive which impact the focus rate

4. Generate a landing page for your webinar

Note I said generate, not create.

You should not do it. Pick a tool that will help you generate templates. Hubspot does it, we do it.

But you should not spend much time on it. Again, pick a tool that does the heavy lifting.

We handle the UX problematics to maximize conversions, you focus on your content.

This is how it goes for Livestorm:

  • Go to "Create webinar" fill the basic information (title, description, date, speakers etc.)
  • If you want you can customize the registration page, emails reminders, pretty much everything.

Voilà! Your landing page is ready. Bonus, your emails are ready too.

5. Finalize your webinar team

We believe there's a correlation between the size of your webinar team and the webinar tool you're using.

The better the tool the less people you'll need. Either way, you could narrow down your team to 3 people:

  • The promoter
  • The host
  • The moderator

The promoter will be doing all the promotional heavy-lifting (images, emails, social media, etc.).

The host will be in charge of organizing and presenting the webinar.

The moderator will be in charge of moderating your audience while you speak.

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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