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Bring Something to the Table

Bring Something to the Table is a super fun virtual icebreaker game that's all about celebrating the cool and different things that make up your team.

What is Bring Something to the Table

Bring Something to the Table is a cool virtual game that gets team members to share the unique bits of their lives or interests. It's all about fostering a vibe of openness and collective appreciation.

The goal here is super simple: keep things chill and open so that everyone can share something personal and meaningful. This way, we all get to connect and understand each other better, even in a virtual space.

Bring Something to the Table Rules

  1. Pick something that means a lot to you or tells a cool story about what you're into, where you come from, or what you dream about.
  2. When it's your turn, just show your item through your webcam and let us all know why it's special to you. Don't be shy to dive into the story behind it.
  3. Feel free to ask questions or share if you've got something similar. It's all about making this game interactive and fun.
  4. Keeping things respectful and positive is key—this is all about sharing and getting to know each other in a friendly space.

Bring Something to the Table Examples

  • That coffee mug from an epic trip, bursting with adventure tales.
  • A beloved book that changed how they see the world, sparking chats about its themes and what they learned.
  • Some artwork they made, showing off secret skills or loves.
  • A keepsake from a big moment or event in their life, telling stories of personal wins or experiences.
  • A cool gadget or tool they can't live without, giving a peek into their daily life and interests.

How to Play Bring Something to the Table on Livestorm

Use Livestorm's smooth video-sharing features so everyone can easily show off their items. Make the most of the chat and reaction options to create a fun and interactive vibe where feedback and chats can really take off.

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