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Challenge bowl

Challenge Bowl is a fun icebreaker game that gets the creative juices flowing and adds a dash of fun to coworker get-togethers.


"Imitate your favourite animal for 30 seconds."



"Share a funny childhood memory."



"Do 5 jumping jacks while singing a song."



"Create a story using three random words provided by the group."



"Act out a famous movie scene without speaking."


What is Challenge Bowl

Challenge Bowl is all about diving into some cool, engaging challenges that get everyone thinking, laughing, and working together. It's a great way to spark creativity, amp up the team vibe, and just have a good time.

The aim is to tackle a bunch of fun challenges together, making everyone feel more connected and pumping up the energy in the room.

How to play Challenge Bowl

  1. Everyone forms a circle or hops on a video call.
  2. The game leader grabs a bowl filled with slips of paper, each with a different quirky challenge written on it.
  3. Taking turns, everyone picks a challenge and shares it with the group.
  4. You've got a set time to nail the challenge, with everyone else cheering you on.
  5. After you're done, it's cool to chat about it and share a laugh or two.
  6. Keep it going until everyone's had a go, or you run out of game time.

Challenge Bowl Examples

  • "Imitate your favourite animal for 30 seconds."
  • "Share a funny childhood memory."
  • "Do 5 jumping jacks while singing a song."
  • "Create a story using three random words provided by the group."
  • "Act out a famous movie scene without speaking."

How to Play Challenge Bowl on Livestorm

  1. Introduce the game and its purpose in the private chat.
  2. Use the main meeting room to allow participants to take turns picking and completing challenges.
  3. Ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and encourage active engagement.
  4. Utilize the chat function to log each challenge and any memorable moments.
  5. Record the session to revisit and enjoy the fun moments later.

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