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Group Charades

Group charades is a game where coworkers get to act out phrases and their teammates have to guess what they are.


Walking a tightrope



Baking a cake



Riding a rollercoaster



Playing a violin



Running a marathon


What is Group charades

Group charades is a super fun and lively game where coworkers get to act out phrases and their teammates have to guess what they are.

Playing Charades with coworkers means you get to act out phrases without talking, and your teammates have to guess what you're miming as fast as they can.

The Goal? Simply to mime out assigned phrases without talking, and try to have your teammates guess as many as they can before time runs out.

How to play Group Charades

  1. Break everyone up into a couple of teams.
  2. Each team jots down some phrases on paper and tosses them into a bowl.
  3. Teams take turns. One person from the team that's up grabs a phrase and acts it out for their teammates to guess.
  4. No talking or writing allowed; you can only use gestures and body movements.
  5. Set a timer for each go-around (like 1 minute). You score points for each phrase your team guesses right.
  6. The team with the most points after all the rounds wraps it up as the winner.

Group Charades Examples

  • Walking a tightrope
  • Baking a cake
  • Riding a rollercoaster
  • Playing a violin
  • Running a marathon

How to Play Group Charades on Livestorm

  1. Use the private chat to send phrases to the player who is acting.
  2. Use the whiteboard feature for sketching if acting might be challenging on camera.
  3. Break out into smaller groups in breakout rooms for faster gameplay.
  4. Utilize the main chat for team discussions and guesses.
  5. Use polls to vote on the best performances for added fun.

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