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Word Association

Word Association is a fun and interactive game that sparks creative thinking and builds team bonds using the magic of words.


Start: "Coffee" → Reply: "Morning"



Start: "Sun" → Reply: "Moon"



Start: "Computer" → Reply: "Code"



Start: "Book" → Reply: "Library"



Start: "Ocean" → Reply: "Wave"


What is Word Association

The goal is to help the team understand each other better and get those creative juices flowing! Just blurt out the first word that pops into your head when you hear another. It's a fun game that not only breaks the ice but also gives a peek into how everyone thinks.

Word Association Games Rules

  1. Start with a 'starter' word given by the host.
  2. Players go back and forth, saying the first word that pops into their head after hearing the previous one.
  3. There are no right or wrong answers, but each word should connect somehow to the one before it.
  4. Keep the chain going for a set time or until it naturally stops.
  5. Aim for quick responses to keep the vibe upbeat and the connections going strong.

Word Association Examples

  • Start: "Coffee" → Reply: "Morning"
  • Start: "Sun" → Reply: "Moon"
  • Start: "Computer" → Reply: "Code"
  • Start: "Book" → Reply: "Library"
  • Start: "Ocean" → Reply: "Wave"
A word cloud is a fun virtual event gamification idea

How to Play Word Association on Livestorm

  1. Use the whiteboard feature to write down the chain of words for everyone to check out.
  2. Get participants chatting to quickly share their word associations.
  3. Run polls to pick the initial word from a list of fun choices.
  4. Encourage emoji reactions for participants to show what they think about the word connections.
  5. Have breakout rooms for smaller groups to have their fun before sharing their funniest chains with the whole gang.
young woman using a whiteboard

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