Webinar Glossary

Scheduling a webinar

Scheduling a webinar involves considering what day to host it, when to promote it, and how long the webinar should be.

When scheduling webinars a few questions come to mind about the best days and times to present.

What is the best day to schedule a webinar?

Across industries, webinars held on Wednesdays and Thursdays have the highest attendance rates. Mondays and Fridays have lower attendance rates because those days are the busiest days of the week. And since they border the weekend, they are often used as vacation days. Webinars should never be scheduled for the weekends.

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At what time should a webinar be scheduled?

Webinars scheduled for the morning and early afternoon perform better than those scheduled in the evening. If an audience is spread across many time zones, organizers should select a timeframe that works for each location.

When should webinar promotion start?

The promotion process should begin one to two weeks before the webinar occurs. Emails sent midweek tend to have higher registration rates than those sent at the beginning or end of the week.

How long should a webinar be?

Webinars that are between 30-60 minutes long have the highest rates of engagement. The general consensus is that 45 minutes is the ideal length for a webinar. This allows for enough time to discuss a topic in-depth, but not so much time that it becomes boring to an audience.

The retention rate of an audience can help determine how long a webinar should be. If an audience tends to drop off in the middle of a webinar, it can be a sign that the length should be adjusted.

For more information on webinar promotion, check out this resource.

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