Better Webinar Retargeting with
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Better Webinar Retargeting with

Here's how we leverage, Clearbit, and Zapier to retarget webinar attendees and send personalized, impactful emails.

When it comes to email automation and lead nurturing, only a few software can actually walk the walk and talk the talk. is one of those software.

The reason why we love it so much is simple: liquid markup + segmentation. They use a templating library called Liquid that enables you to create if conditions, filters, loops, etc.

We have been a happy customer and a heavy user of their solution for a while now, and, for some reason we never thought about plugging both our software together. Go figure.

We had a clear idea about the process we wanted to put in place: having the most personal email possible, like any good SDR would do, and not pollute our database with non-user profiles (we use the solution only once someone signs up for a free trial).

Sending The Livestorm Attendee

This step is pretty simple, and if you are a reader of this blog, you already what I'm going to tell you: Zapier.

We use the "Webinar ends" trigger and create a filter to fetch only the attendees:

zapier livestorm step 1

Fetching Additional Data

Personalization means data. You need to get as much information as you can on this attendee. For this, we use Clearbit.

Turns out, Clearbit has a Zapier integration, so I'll just grab data in my Zapier workflow.

zapier livestorm step 2

Send The Data to

Before I go over the details, I should explain what are the anonymous events in

Basically, you will send an event to the API without user id, the event won't be tied to any user in the database.

So, how do I get the email to send the campaigns? You pass a "recipient" property in that same events with the email as value. Then you just call the email in your UI using "event.recipient".

Note that, as explained on their documentation:

Anonymous events don’t show up in the user interface. But the campaign will still work, as long as you remember to set the recipient field in your event data. [...] You can use all the attributes you send as event data here. Again, because anonymous events aren’t available in the UI, you can’t preview Liquid.

To send the data to (and only to we will use the webhook feature in Zapier.

zapier livestorm step 3

Then check in that the event has been sent properly.

Build Your Template

Once you have your event in, you can build your email template. I suggest you leverage your Clearbit and Livestorm data to go beyond "Hi, {{first name}}".

customer io template Is Also Using Livestorm

Did you know that is also using Livestorm for their own product demo webinars?

As Bill Miksich, Director of Demand Generation at, told us:

The user experience was such a big part of our decision-making process. We were looking for something super simple that was not over-engineered, but if you do a side-by-side feature comparison, Livestorm competes very well with the other well-established webinar players in the space.

You can read more about why and how they use Livestorm here.

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Gilles Bertaux

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