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SaaSCast Ep.3 - Admin Automation (feat. Dougs)
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SaaSCast Ep.3 - Admin Automation (feat. Dougs)

In this episode we discussed admin stuff and automation with Florent Galland, the co-founder at Dougs.

This week on SaaSCast episode three we had the pleasure to talk to Florent Galland, Co-founder of Dougs.

We had a great talk about what people call the "boring stuff" like admin, billing, accounting, payrolls and more. We discussed the importance of those topics and how to automate them as much as possible in order to spend more time on your product.

In this post you will find three things:

Note, those replays are in french. Sorry english speaking users, but don’t worry I gathered some of the key learnings from this talk and compiled them in a Slideshare (embed at the bottom of this post).

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Gilles Bertaux
Gilles Bertaux

Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm