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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
Livestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm background

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What is a virtual background?

A virtual meeting background is an image which appears “behind” a speaker during an online event, webinars or video conferencing . Some cool virtual backgrounds can give the appearance that the speaker is on a mountain or at the beach! The best virtual backgrounds, though, are usually those which depict a professional office environment.

How to add a virtual background on Google Meet?

To add a new virtual meeting background in Google Meet, first select a meeting. Then, click Apply Visual Effects, in the bottom right of the screen. You may upload a new background photo, or select one from a library of past images. Click Join Now, and you'll be ready to stream with your new background!

Where can I download free virtual backgrounds for video conferencing?

You can browse through more than 100 free virtual backgrounds for video conferencing and events on this site. You can use silly and fun options for casual meetings, and swap them out for more realistic virtual backgrounds during professional events. All options are free, so the sky’s the limit!

What size should my Google Meet virtual background be?

Virtual background images in Google Meet should ideally be sized at 1920 by 1090 pixels, or a classic 16:9 ratio. In addition, the photo’s file size should not be larger than 16MB, and it should have a horizontal (landscape) orientation. Lastly, only JPG or JPEG files in the sRGB color space can be used.

What are the system requirements for using virtual backgrounds on Google Meet?

To use free virtual backgrounds in Google Meet, you will need a a 64-bit operation system and a browser which supports Web GL 2.0. For Chrome, version M84 or newer will be compatible. For Edge, choose version 85 or newer. Finally, if you are using Chrome, make sure that Hardware Acceleration is enabled.

My Google Meet virtual background is not working, how do I fix it?

If you’re having trouble using Google Meet’s virtual meeting background, you’re in luck: more than 90% of issues can be resolved by simply turning the Web Camera off and then on again. In addition, Host permissions must be enabled so that Google can insert the virtual background extension into the call.

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