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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
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What is a virtual background?

Virtual background pictures are images which can be set to appear in the background of speakers in a virtual event or webinars or video conferencing . Popular images for virtual backgrounds include pets, nature scenes, nightclub or party scenes, and more. There are also many office and coworking space background images.

How to add a virtual background on Webex?

It’s fun to set virtual background photos in Webex. Before you join a meeting, open the preview screen and select “Change Background.” You may either use one of Webex’s preset virtual background images, or you can tap the + icon to upload your own option. Click "Apply," and your background will be set!

Where can I download free virtual backgrounds for video conferencing?

Find your next background in the virtual meeting background library provided by Livestorm. Choose from over 100 free virtual background images, ranging from topics like funny, to celebrations, to nature, to office environments. No sign-up or product purchase is required; just click “download” and you'll be good to go!

What size should my Webex virtual background be?

Webex advises users to upload virtual background pictures that are that are equal or larger to 1280 x 720 pixels. Additionally, remember to convert images to a .JPG or .PNG format. If you are having trouble seeing your virtual meeting background, check to make sure your software and systems are compatible.

What are the system requirements for using virtual backgrounds on Webex?

To get the most out of WebEx’s virtual background photos feature, check that your browser is up-to-date. For Chrome, this means version 65 or newer; for Firefox, version 52 or newer; and for Safari, version 11 or newer. In addition, your system should be Windows 7 or newer, or MacOS 10.13 or newer.

My Webex virtual background is not working, how do I fix it?

Since Webex’s virtual background photos feature is relatively new, some older systems may struggle to enable it. Make sure that you are using the latest versions of all software, and/or your browser is up to date. In addition, make sure that your webcam is plugged in—a simple, but all too common mistake.

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