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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
Livestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm background

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What is a virtual background?

Virtual background photos are images that appear at the back of participants in a video event during their webinars or video conferencing. Realistic virtual backgrounds can make it look like event hosts are at the beach, a national park, or outer space! Other kinds of virtual background images are more professional, and can help with marketing efforts.

How to add a virtual background on Zoom?

Changing your virtual background pictures in Zoom is easy. On both a Windows or Apple operating system, you can apply a virtual background by navigating to Settings, selecting Background & Filters, and selecting your desired photo. If you have trouble, check that you have the right system requirements.

Where can I download free virtual backgrounds for video conferencing?

Livestorm provides over 100 cool virtual backgrounds which are free for download. Choose from multiple categories, such as celebrations, cities, education and home. Our free background images can be used on any video engagement platform with a customizable background feature, including Zoom.

What size should my Zoom virtual background be?

Zoom does not have any size restrictions for virtual background photos. However, optimal photo resolution can be obtained by cropping the photo to match the aspect ratio of the camera. For instance, if your webcam is set to 16:9, a background with a1280 x 720 ratio, or a 1920 x1080 ratio, will work well.

What are the system requirements for using virtual backgrounds on Zoom?

If you want to host fun and interesting virtual backgrounds on Zoom verify that you have the correct system requirements. You will need to have the most updated version of Zoom; a supported processor; and the correct operating system for Max, Microsoft, or Linux. Using a green screen can also help!

My Zoom virtual background is not working, how do I fix it?

If you are experiencing difficulties when using virtual background pictures on Zoom, and have all the correct system requirements, try signing out and signing back in again. Ensure that the background is a uniform color with uniform lighting. If you still have issues, contact Zoom Technical Support.

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