Crowdcast vs Adobe Connect: which webinar software is right for you?

Explore a detailed comparison of Crowdcast and Adobe Connect to see which is the best webinar software. Compare platforms by features, integrations, and price.


Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect

General information

Customer Rating

Average rating on review websites Capterra and G2 Crowd.



Browser based

Webinar platforms that work directly in the browser, there's no need to download any software.

Device versatility

Host events from a desktop, tablet or mobile.

On-demand webinars

Create or access pre-recorded on-demand webinars, available any time.

Automated webinars

Automate entire webinars or key actions like CTAs, start and stop times or page redirects.

Promotion Features

Customizable registration pages

Add a banner, logo, social channels or speaker information to the event registration page without any coding skills.

Customizable emails

Customize emails with ease by adding an event banner, social sharing buttons, or a signature.

Customized email sequence

Customize your own email sequence and schedule them to be sent automatically.

Embed forms

Embed a registration form on your own website to capture more registrants.

Company page

Publish events to a public company page that gathers all upcoming and past events.

Built-in social sharing

Share event registration pages on your company's social channels directly from your webinar platform.

Custom registration forms

Customize the fields of your registration form to capture insights on your audience.

Registration filter

Apply a filter to accept event registrations only from work email addresses.

Activation Features


Send chat messages through a tab built right into your webinar room.

Emoji reactions

Enable emoji reactions during live events to allow attendees to react in real-time.


Audiences can ask questions in a dedicated space.

Question upvotes

Audiences can vote on questions that they most want to see answered. Organizers can sort them by date or most upvotes.

Live answer notification

Display a notification that shows the question you are answering live during the webinar.


Create drafts of polls in advance and publish them during your event. Or, create them live during your event to further activate your audience.

Call-to-action button

Direct your attendees to a promotional offer via a CTA displayed in the event room.

Virtual backgrounds

Change your background to personalize your webinar or look more professional.

Digital whiteboards

Collaborate with digital whiteboards within the platform or through a native integration.

Organization Features

Private chat

Chat privately with event organizers and moderators during the event.

Registrants moderation

Control which registrants can and cannot access the event.

One-click integrations

Integrate the software with any app to capture other valuable insights.

Maximum number of attendees

The maximum number of attendees supported.



Unique contact list

Find all your event contacts in one place and get a 360 view of their activity within different events.


Secure your team's access to the platform with SAML SSO.

Dial-in to webinars

Attendees can opt to dial-in to the webinar from a phone number.

Reporting Features

Analytics reports

Track and analyze all of your data with our powerful analytics tool built into the dashboard.

Webinar recordings

Record webinars automatically and send them to attendees at the end of each session.


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What is Crowdcast ?

Crowdcast is a live streaming solution which enables organizing online events. Created in 2014 Crowdcast is located in San Francisco, USA. Crowdcast's target audience is small businesses and enterprises located around the world. Around 15 employees work for Crowdcast, most of whom studied computer science and were rated highly skilled in operations. The software is available only in English and it can be used on most devices.

Crowdcast is best for:

Live events

Live events

Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences

Online courses

Online courses

What is Adobe Connect ?

Adobe Connect is identified as a web conferencing software which facilitates remote communication with hundreds. Established in 2005 Adobe Connect has its central office in San Jose, United States. Adobe Connect's most common users are all size corporations situated worldwide. Up to 1,400 people work for Adobe Connect, most of whom studied software engineering and are considered experts in computational science. The software's languages include Brazilian, Dutch, and other languages and it can be operated on most devices.

Adobe Connect is best for:

Online courses

Online courses



Online meetings

Online meetings

Webinar software comparison: Crowdcast vs Adobe Connect

Crowdcast vs Adobe Connect: features

Both Crowdcast and Adobe Connect can be directly accessed through the browser or on any mobile device.

Crowdcast’s primary promotional feature is an intelligent link tool. The platform is strong in its promotional offerings: there are few key features missing. Adobe Connect also offers a wide variety of promotional features, like landing pages with custom registration forms.

Some of Crowdcast’s key activation features include multi-streaming to various platforms, chats, and polls. On the downside, there are no emoji reaction buttons. Adobe Connect offers a broad suite of engagement features, as well, including polls and whiteboards, but question upvotes are not an option.

Lastly, Crowdcast gives users unique insights with an advanced analytics feature. However, there is no data enrichment tool. Adobe Connect also provides attendance and engagement reporting, but there is no on-demand webinar streaming feature.

Crowdcast vs Adobe Connect: integrations

Crowdcast offers users an abundance of native integrations, with some of the most popular options being Drip, ConvertKit, Stripe, and Patreon. Adobe Connect also provides many integration options, primarily for its online event and virtual classroom use cases. Some top examples include Brightspace, Moodle, and Sakai.

Unfortunately, Crowdcast does not offer an API for third parties who wish to develop their own applications and integrations. However, Adobe Connect does offer an API, making it the more customizable of the two platforms in this regard.

Adobe Connect also provides an SDK to allow developers to build custom plugins for it. Adobe Connect's plugins are referred to as ""Custom Pods"" and are primarily intended for its virtual classroom use case. No public SDK is available for Crowdcast users at this time.

All of Adobe Connect's native integrations, as well as its Custom Pods, are listed in a convenient App Marketplace. Crowdcast does not offer any similar app marketplace on its website.

Crowdcast vs Adobe Connect: pricing

Crowdcast does not offer a free plan but does have a free two-week trial. Adobe Connect's free, webinars-only plan supports up to three guests.

Crowdcast's least expensive plan is its Starter plan, which, for $29, hosts up to 50 attendees. The most affordable Adobe Connect plan is Adobe Connect Meetings, priced at $50 per month, which supports up to 50 participants.

Crowdcast offers two plans for small businesses, the Lite plan and the Pro plan. Lite costs $49 per month and hosts up to 100 attendees, and Pro costs $90 per month and supports up to 250 attendees. The most comparable Adobe Connect plan is Webinars, which for $130 a month, supports up to 100 participants.

Lastly, Crowdcast offers an enterprise solution for $195 a month. The Business plan allows up to 1000 attendees and boasts a large suite of engagement features. Adobe Connect's enterprise plan comes with flexible deployment when you purchase four or more licenses or when you want to go above participant limits.

Livestorm, the best webinar software

Run great webinars right in your browser

Livestorm makes it easy to run great webinars straight from the browser of any mobile or desktop. This makes if possible for your audience to join, no matter where they are in the world, without having to download or install anything.

Removing these extra steps helps attendance rates soar for no-download webinars. This is why Livestorm has a 53% higher attendance rate than the industry average.

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Every part of your webinar can be managed within Livestorm. You can organize, promote, analyze and host great webinars with only one end-to-end platform. Collaborate with your team using the intuitive dashboard.

Promote your webinar to your audience with customizable registration pages and automated emails. Most webinar platforms need integrations to be able to send emails or create registration pages, but with Livestorm you can do that right in your account.

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Experience an intuitive webinar platform

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Livestorm is a modern webinar solution. Enjoy a frictionless experience with intuitive controls that make it easy to plan, host, or promote your webinar sessions.

Attendees also benefit from a great user experience. Says Elise on the software review platform G2: "Livestorm is easy to use, the support is very responsive and the analytic system is very helpful."

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