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WebinarJam vs Zoom

How does WebinarJam compare with Zoom? What's the best webinar software? Discover our exhaustive comparison table between WebinarJam and Zoom.

webinarjam logo zoom logo livestorm logo gotowebinar logo crowdcast logo
Customer's Rating 8.4 9 9.7 8.2 8.3
No download
Webcam & Screensharing
Mobile friendly & compatible
With app Native With app With app
Technology Youtube Live-based Download-only Browser-based Download-only Browser-based
Invite speaker on stage
Chat, Polls and Q&As
Room moderation
Advanced custom branding
Registration Page
Smart forms
Notification emails & Reminders
Webinar Replays
Advanced analytics report
Registration source tracking
CSV exports
Zapier integrations
Native CRM integrations
Custom tag integration
Advanced email customization
No latency 8s+ variable
Branding capabilities

Last update on 07/19/2018 • Ask to edit the information above.

Zoom still requires a download from participants and presenters

With Livestorm's entirely web-based experience, no download is required. You will bring more people to your webinars and miss less opportunities only for technical reasons.

Zoom is famous for asking webinar attendees to download a software before participating.

This adds friction for registrants that will reduce your webinar's attendance overall. Downloading a third party software every time to attend a webinar is not B2B friendly.

1516206474 sotware comparison no download

Livestorm is the only mobile-friendly web-based webinar software

Livestorm was built with the users in mind: it’s modern, clean, simple to use, and mobile-friendly. And does not require an app.

Anyone, on Android or iOS can join a webinar using their mobile browser.

From landing pages to emails to the webinar room itself, Livestorm provides a UX that is above and beyond what Zoom offers.

Better user experience means better conversion rates.

1516208050 sotware comparison landing page

Livestorm is a 100% real-time, browser-based webinar software.

Providing a frictionless experience to participants directly increases the average attendance in every webinar session. Hence the need for a no-download webinar solution.

Plus, Zoom runs with an outdated technology. Not supporting the new standards in live video streaming can result in delays between the presenter and what the participants actually view (and can create confusion), poor user experience or worst: connectivity issues.

Livestorm works in WebRTC. Real-time, with no install required from the participants nor the hosts.

webinar software modern technology

Customize and power your registration pages with custom code

What are your marketing efforts worth if you can't report on their results? Livestorm allows you to add custom code and tags to your webinar landing pages.

Track your registration page with any tool that requires a tag or pixel like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads or Intercom.

Additionally, you can customize your Livestorm webinar landing page's design and behavior with Javascript code snippets.

1516900089 software comparison custom tags hd

We help you choose the right webinar software for you

Review all the features that are important to you and see which webinar software will suit you best. Use the easy-to-read table to quickly see the main differences. Make an educated choice within the offer available to you. .