A firewall is a security system designed to filter information that comes from a public internet source, and block unapproved traffic.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a security system designed to prevent malicious or unauthorized access to a private computer network. They also monitor all outgoing traffic from a network. Firewalls filter information that comes front the public internet and blocks unapproved traffic. Firewalls are especially important for large organizations with many different computer networks.

How do firewalls work?

Network administrators create control lists that either allow or block access based upon factors like IP address, domain names, protocols, programs, ports, and keywords. Firewalls can be network or host-based.

Network firewalls

Network firewalls protect the entire network of computers for a particular private organization.

Host-based firewalls

Host-based firewalls are installed on one single computer and protect only its network.

How do firewalls impact webinars?

Firewalls can block webinar applications that have not been whitelisted by network administrators. Before hosting a webinar, it is important to check if a system is compatible with the webinar software.

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