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Marketing Automation, Emails
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Via Zapier
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Autopilot is a marketing automation software founded in 2012. Autopilot allows to create entire automation processes from a visual interface. It allows designing steps of the website's visitors' journey such as downloading an ebook, viewing a certain page or responding to a certain email, and connecting them with logical statements to define the best paths for each of them.

As a webinar software, one of Livetorm's strengths is to integrate with your existing marketing stack to seamlessly connect your online events with all your campaigns, tasks, lead qualification processes, and any step of your marketing funnel. By integrating Livestorm and Autopilot, you can do just that.

Using our Zapier integration, you will be able to automatically send data from your webinars and into Autopilot. This allows to create automated, complex journeys within Autopilot. You will be able to retarget attendees according to your engagement level and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.

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