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Webinar integration - Livestorm + Hubspot

Connect your Livestorm webinars with your Hubspot account to push new registrants as contacts to your Hubspot CRM. Thanks this native integration, no more CSV exports, everything is automated.

Native Integration

The Livestorm <> Hubspot integration enables you to push any new registrants to your webinar in your Hubspot CRM to create a new contact or update an existing one. We handle the basic contact fields: first name, last name, email, organization name and phone number. No more data entry!

We also push a note saying that this contact registered to your webinar [insert webinar name here].

How do I set it up on Livestorm?

  1. Finding that *%¨ API key on Hubspot is a real pain. So here’s the link. There. Click on the “API keys” link.
  2. Once you have it, just go to your account settings and paste it under Hubspot integration. And voilà both apps are connected.
  3. Now when you want to activate it for a specific webinar, go to your integration settings at the bottom of your webinar creation form and turn it on or off.

Send Hubspot Form Submissions to Livestorm

Create new registrant from your Hubspot forms and landing pages using Zapier: 

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