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Marketo is an automation marketing software that is part of the Adobe Software offering as of 2018. Marketo is used to qualify and manage leads from the top of the marketing funnel to passing them on to sales and customer success. Among key features, Marketo allows to create landing pages, tracking users through the website, scoring them according to their activity, or managing email automation...

Webinars are a content type much like blog posts, ebooks or infographics. It makes sense to integrate them as part of your marketing stack and automate all the steps that can be automated. That's where Livestorm comes in.

Using our Zapier integration, you will be able to push your data from your webinars and create automated, complex journeys within Marketo. You will be able to use marketo's automated emails to retarget the most engaged attendees. Upon scoring leads on your own website, you can take ownership of the webinar registrants' journey by registering your leads automatically to on-demand or live webinars on Livestorm depending on how high you rate them.

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