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Livestorm Webinars for Teams

Now you can invite teammates to join your company on Livestorm. Your teammates can create and host webinars with their own account.
March 6, 2019 • About 1 min. read

In 2016, we launched Livestorm to offer a webinar solution you'll truly enjoy using. Since then, great companies have chosen Livestorm to host all kinds of online events.
Thousands of innovating startups and software businesses like Intercom, Instapage and Pipedrive host events on Livestorm to complete their acquisition funnel. Corporate groups like Bosch, WPP, Saint Gobain rely on Livestorm for internal communications. Forward-thinking education companies such as GenM, Hyperiondev and Singularity University have powered online classes with Livestorm.

As the events hosted on Livestorm keep diversifying, one common thread has appeared: hosting online events is a team game.

So, today, we're delighted to announce our most awaited improvement to date: team-wide accounts.

That's right, you can now manage all your team's webinars in one place 👍

Livestorm webinars for teams: overview 👓

Here's what you can do with Livestorm for teams:

  • You can have multiple hosts under one Livestorm account.
  • You can run simultaneous webinars thanks to our multi-host feature.
  • The hosts that you add to your account will be able to create, edit, start and end webinars.

Adding team members 👩‍💻👨🏽‍💻

You can add new members and manage their rights in your Team settings.

There are two main roles you can assign to a team member when you add them to your Livestorm account: host and moderator.


Hosts have full dashboard access. They can create webinars and edit them. They can send out webinar invitations. Most importantly, they can start, moderate and end webinars if they're assigned in the webinar settings.


Moderators can access the Livestorm dashboard- just like hosts. They can display and export all webinar data.

If you assign them to a webinar, they'll be able to access the webinar room and moderate your webinar. Once assigned, they will access the webinar room right from their Livestorm dashboard.

Moderators can't create, edit, start or end webinars. They can't access the webinar settings and send out webinar invitations.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is per host. We will charge each extra host the Webinar Premium plan. You can check out our pricing page for more information. You can add moderators to your team free of charge 💸

We believe this update will help you take even better advantage of Livestorm, and will give you more freedom to manage webinars.

As always feel free to shoot us an email or chat with us if you have any questions!

Happy webinars,

The Livestorm team

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Elif Koral
Customer Success Manager @ Livestorm

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