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Webinar integration - Livestorm + Zapier

Connect your Livestorm account to any app in the Zapier directory. That's about 750+ apps from email to CRMs, and analytics software. Get your data flowing through your marketing stack and automate those webinars.

Native Integration

What is this webinar integration for?

Our Zapier integration is the very first Livestorm integration. It allows you to send data from Livestorm to any apps in the Zapier directory. That’s over 750 apps.

So far, we provide the following triggers and actions :

  • New Registrant
  • Webinar Started
  • Webinar Ended
  • Webinar Published
  • Create New Registrant

Why is it relevant for my webinars?

This integration will help you in several ways. You will gain a lot of time automating repetitive tasks and adding value in your data through other apps.

We wrote a blog post about some webinar integration workflows you can do to boost your webinar process.

Here are some of our best Zaps:

What do I need to set it up and how?

To get started you just have to go to our dedicated page on Zapier or to look for "Livestorm" in Zapier.

To connect your Livestorm account to Zapier you will need your Livestorm API key that you can find under the "Integrations" tab of your account settings.

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